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A word from your peers...

"Marin County Superior Court has been a customer of Jury Systems Incorporated (JSI) for 17 years since 1998.  The court was one of the beta sites for Jury+ Next Generation as a mid-size court.  This application replaced a mainframe application that was obsolete.  Over time the court has implemented JURY+ Voice Solution and JURY+ Web Solution applications which have enhanced our service to the public immeasurably.  The JURY+ JuryPop module also assists staff on every phone call to prepare them to handle their customers.  It has been rewarding to work with JSI because court staff know they will be communicating with a knowledgeable veteran of the industry and of JSI.  Any time staff have an issue, they know they will be dealing with people with whom the court has a longstanding relationship, which goes a long way to resolving concerns.  JSI took the initiative to work with the California Administrative Office of the Courts to assist all courts in reporting their annual jury statistics.  This task used to be very cumbersome for the courts each year, but now only requires minimal data validation.  This feature alone has saved the courts an enormous amount of time.  JSI’s participation in the courts’ Jury Education and Management Forum has helped JSI to stay in tune with the courts and to further develop the software to meet courts’ evolving needs and strategies for the future.  JSI’s working relationship with the courts has always been very pro-active. Marin County Superior Court continues to benefit from the decision it made 17 years ago to go with JSI."

Dorothy McCarthy Information Technology Manager
Superior Court of California, County of Marin

“We are a small county, yet we had high customer demands for our Jury Commissioner’s Office to keep up with the day-to-day processing of jury trials, summons, reporting status, postponements and general questions.  When we interfaced our JURY+ NextGen with the JURY+ Voice Solution and JURY+ Web Solution (IVR and IWR) applications, the impact and benefits were immediately felt.  Using a telephone or computer, jurors can now quickly access their juror reporting status, make their own postponements, or get simple information like directions to the courthouse or where to park.  JSI’s rock solid and intuitive technology with indispensable IVR and IWR interfaces has paid for itself many times over.  Our Jury Commissioner’s Office now operates far more efficiently and is able to help perform other court tasks...”

David Schlothauer Director, Information Technology and General Services
Superior Court of California, County of Nevada

 "The Arizona Superior Court in Pima County Jury Commissioner's Office began using JURY+ Classic jury management software in 1996 and has been using JURY+ Next Generation software to manage our jurors and jury trials since September 2007. JURY+ NextGen was easy to learn and meets all of our jury management needs. The court also uses JSI's web and scanning solutions. The scanning module (JURY+ Imaging Solution) allows the jury staff to immediately access juror-related paperwork and has eliminated the need to store the physical paperwork in the jury office. JURY+ Web Solution allows us to provide much better customer service to prospective jurors by giving them the option of submitting their paperwork online. In addition to the products JSI has to offer, the JSI staff has always been professional, courteous and prompt when dealing with our court, helping us to make our jury management system run as smoothly as possible."

Kathy Brauer Jury Commissioner
Superior Court of Arizona, County of Pima

 "Jury Systems is always trustworthy, dependable and consistently great in software support. The fact that they have had virtually no employee turnover speaks volumes to the old school family value style they commit themselves to. It's great to have dealt with the same staff members through the years. They help trouble shoot problems that aren't even theirs....they don't pass the buck and they always come up with great solutions."

Cathy Cole Technology Analyst
Superior Court of California, County of San Benito

 "Hennepin County has used JSI's jury management software for over 12 years, from the original JURY+ Classic to the current JURY+ Next Generation version. JSI has always given our county prompt support, for the very few times we have required it. Hennepin County recently added the use of the web component (JURY+ Web Solution) for qualifying and postponing our jurors and we have found this tool very efficient and helpful. We have come to rely that approximately 45% of our jurors will respond on the web for their qualification and to postpone their service. JSI has worked with us and other users in the State of Minnesota to create unique statistical reports that are used to fulfill our State's performance measure requirements."

Lynn Lahd Court Operations Supervisor, Jury Division
Fourth Judicial District Court of Minnesota, County of Hennepin

 "One of the best things about having JSI for our jury needs is they are always very easy to get a hold of and they are available anytime we have an issue. We had an issue come up on a Friday afternoon right before our office closed. We were still able to get a hold of a tech and the problem was resolved before we came back Monday and it was business as usual. Another great thing about JSI is that anytime we have a request from a judge or need something added to the program to make it easier on staff they are always there and work quickly to ensure that we are up and running smoothly. Their techs are all very friendly, helpful, and always have quick answers and solutions to issues we have."

Daniel Tapia Assistant Court Supervisor
Superior Court of California, County of Kern, Jury Services

 "This court has been a client of Jury Systems Inc since 1998. I have been very satisfied with the performance of the software and the support JSI offers. I am glad to say that since we purchased the JSI package we have not had any problems, even the jurors are amazed at how well the software helps my office to coordinate the trial activity as well as their schedules during their time here. JSI has always responded quickly to any questions I have and I must say that it is very nice to know that someone is listening on the other end. The software is very easy to learn and is extremely flexible in what can be done to initiate jury trials as well as all follow up needed for courtrooms, judges and jurors. I am so secure with this product that I bring jurors into my office to "demo" the product without any preparation knowing that what they see they will like. Thanks JSI."

Tom Shields Jury Commissioner
Franklin County Municipal Court, Ohio

"We have been using the JURY+ Next Generation software for juror selection and maintenance in our court system for over 10 years now.  Our county has been very satisfied with the ease of use and reliability of the application, and the fast, friendly, and attentive customer service provided by the entire staff of Jury Systems Incorporated.  Their IT support staff are especially helpful and knowledgeable."

Dodi Mullins Systems Administrator
Richland County Court of Common Pleas

 "The support staff at Jury Systems have always exceeded my expectations, providing rapid resolutions to any technical issues we run into with our software. Their friendly staff consistently goes above and beyond to help!"

Richard Blalock Court Systems Analyst
Mariposa Superior Court

 "As a new JURY+ Next Generation court, we find both the jury application and associated interactive website (JURY+ Web Solution) to be of tremendous value. We implemented in July 2007 and find that the usage has far surpassed our expectations. Feedback from court staff and our public show that the website is easy to use and extremely beneficial. Thank you JSI!"

Tim Benton Information Technology Director
Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo

"The Fresno County Superior Court has been using JSI since 2000 and everything they do - from training to support to enhancing their product on a continual basis, is excellent. JSI staff could write the book on customer service AND they have a top notch product and staff to match. Knowing that JSI is there to help us through any crisis and always in a calm and helpful manner, is truly comforting. I feel I can say without reservation that JSI is the best!"

Sherry Spears Jury Services Supervisor
Superior Court of California, County of Fresno