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JURY+ Web Generation

Introducing the newest member of our core jury management system Generation series—JURY+ Web Generation.

With the browser-based world becoming more and more prevalent in government applications, we are not merely meeting but exceeding courts expectations with JURY+ Web Generation (WebGen).  Our new browser-based core JMS system takes the same business rules, functionality, and elements we have applied over the last quarter-century in both our DOS (JURY+ Classic) and Windows™ (JURY+ Next Generation) packages.  The application is the most comprehensive, configurable, and user-friendly product on the market.  WebGen has a plethora of meaningful statistical and data capture elements to help each court record what is most important to their business needs and confirm they are using the system to its fullest potential.  From source lists to summonses, payroll, and backend reporting, JURY+ Web Generation is specifically designed to help you master every aspect of jury management with the robustness and flexibility to adapt to courts of all sizes.


Key Benefits:

- Processes juror source lists and groups
- Handles 2-step and 1-step business rules
- Sends questionnaires and summonses
- Forms jury panels
- Records juror service and basic case information
- Maintains juror information, history and statistics
- Provides automatic payroll processing
- Computes and maintains case juror costs
- Produces jury management reports and notes
- Manages systems, user security, and much more

Important Features:

- Uses a graphical user interface (GUI) and relational database (RDBMS)

- Interfaces with advanced technologies

- Adapts to any user environment

- Supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL server databases

- Option to host locally or off-site; see JURY+ Cloud for hosting information 

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The Best of Both Worlds

A court’s technical infrastructure makes up a large component in determining whether or not JURY+Web Generation is a feasible option for each client.  For this reason, JURY+ Next Generation (our Windows™ version) will still be available for purchase, undoubtedly supported, and given the same upgrades as WebGen.  Our goal is to make sure the courts have the best tools available to accomplish their tasks in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

"We have been using the JURY+ Next Generation software for juror selection and maintenance in our court system for over 10 years now.  Our county has been very satisfied with the ease of use and reliability of the application, and the fast, friendly, and attentive customer service provided by the entire staff of Jury Systems Incorporated.  Their IT support staff are especially helpful and knowledgeable."

Dodi Mullins Systems Administrator
Richland County Court of Common Pleas, OH