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JURY+ Checks

Reduce costs when you process checks in-house.

Used with JURY+ Next Generation, or even as a standalone application, JURY+ Checks expands your capabilities and helps save you money by giving you the ability to print juror checks in-house-on plain white paper. It can even customize check styles and formats for your particular operation.

Key Benefits:

- Reduces costs by letting you print checks in-house
- Saves you the expense of buying pre-printed checks
- Can work independently from JURY+ Next Generation, and be used by a separate payment processing department

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Important Features:

- Uses blank check stock
- Employs a MICR laser printer toner cartridge
- Can print checks from solutions other than JURY+ Next Generation
- Exports data with check numbers appended to each juror record-to a bank, or even back into JURY+ Next Generation