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JURY+ JuryPop™

Maximize the effectiveness of your IVR (interactive voice response) system.

If you're running JURY+ Next Generation and your office uses an IVR system, why not unite the two and reap the rewards for faster, smoother transactions and happier jurors? JURY+ JuryPop™ enables you to do exactly that.

Key Benefits:

- Makes your office more efficient
- Helps you deliver a better overall juror experience

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Important Features:

- Interacts directly with the IVR system
- Lets users define and control which JURY+ Next Generation screens automatically pop up when a juror's call is transferred to their desk

Marin County Superior Court has been a customer of Jury Systems Incorporated (JSI) for 17 years since 1998.  The court was one of the beta sites for JURY+ Next Generation as a mid-size court.  This application replaced a mainframe application that was obsolete.  Over time the court has implemented the JURY+ Voice Solution and JURY+ Web Solution applications which have enhanced our service to the public immeasurably.  The JURY+ JuryPop module also assists staff on every phone call to prepare them to handle their customers.  It has been rewarding to work with JSI because court staff know they will be communicating with a knowledgeable veteran of the industry and of JSI.  Any time staff have an issue, they know they will be dealing with people with whom the court has a longstanding relationship, which goes a long way to resolving concerns. Marin County Superior Court continues to benefit from the decision it made 17 years ago to go with JSI.

Dorothy McCarthy Information Technology Manager
Superior Court of California, County of Marin