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JURY+ Imaging Solution

Eliminate your document processing concerns, and provide better service to court officers.

It's a big job ensuring that all juror communications are properly handled, documents are stored, and that your JURY+ Web Generation database has been accurately updated. Instead, put Jury Systems modules to the test and move on to your next task.
Our JURY+ Imaging Solution automatically scans, store and records all important documents, including two-step questionnaires, summons affidavits, exit questionnaires, plus letters and attachments.

Key Benefits:

- Requires little or no internal technical support
- Reduces the cost of indexing (sorting and filing) summonses and affidavits
- Eliminates the need for hard copy document storage
- Keeps documents from being lost or damaged
- Backs up critical documents, and provides for disaster recovery

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Important Features:

- Processes affidavits or qualification/excuse requests completed and returned by jurors
- Automatically scans and securely stores these documents
- Updates the JURY+ Web Generation database

"The Arizona Superior Court in Pima County Jury Commissioner's Office began using JURY+ Classic jury management software in 1996 and has been using JURY+ Next Generation software to manage our jurors and jury trials since September 2007.  The court also uses JSI's online response (JURY+ Web Solution) and scanning (JURY+ Imaging Solution). The imaging application allows the jury staff to immediately access juror-related paperwork and has eliminated the need to store the physical paperwork in the jury office.  In addition to the products JSI has to offer, their staff has always been professional, courteous and prompt when dealing with our court, helping us to make our jury management system run as smoothly as possible..."

Kathy Brauer Jury Commissioner
Arizona Superior Court, Pima County, AZ