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JURY+ Voice Solution™

Let prospective jurors easily resolve important requests and access critical information over the phone.

As a jury manager, you're always being asked to do more with less.  Jury Systems is here to help with an interactive voice response (IVR) solution that fully integrates with JURY+ Web Generation.

Employing touch tone or optional speech recognition technology, JURY+ Voice Solution™ lets you easily manage juror access with rules you define.

Key Benefits:

- Frees you and your staff to focus on other critical tasks
- Speeds juror processing and management
- Helps create a better juror experience

SMS Interactive and Reminder Texts

Keep your jurors updated frequently when they want to:

-opt-in to receive a text notification as a reminder of upcoming service

 -use interactive text to retrieve reporting instructions, directions, and more

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Important Features:

JURY+ Voice Solution™ lets jurors accomplish the following by telephone:
- Check reporting status
- Get reporting instructions
- Identify court locations
- Process postponements
- Request work certificates

“We are a small county, yet we had high customer demands for our Jury Commissioner’s Office to keep up with the day-to-day processing of jury trials, summons, reporting status, postponements and general questions.  When we interfaced our JURY+ NextGen with the JURY+ Voice Solution and JURY+ Web Solution (IVR and IWR) applications, the impact and benefits were immediately felt.  Using a telephone or computer, jurors can now quickly access their juror reporting status, make their own postponements, or get simple information like directions to the courthouse or where to park.  JSI’s rock solid and intuitive technology with indispensable IVR and IWR interfaces has paid for itself many times over...”

David Schlothauer Director of Information Technology and General Services
Superior Court of California, County of Nevada