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JURY+ Access

Handle new demands by enhancing JURY+ Next Generation with external applications.

Address changes from a scanned affidavit. Producing vouchers or checks at a kiosk. Employer work certification by auto fax. These are just some of the emerging challenges that add to your responsibilities. JURY+ Access lets you tackle them easily by "bolting on" new technologies to JURY+ Next Generation.

Since the JURY+ Access module controls all data retrieval and updates, developers of these external applications, and their products, are shielded from the complex rules required to support a specific business process.

Key Benefits:

- You are free to use a broader range of application developers
- Developers do not need to learn the intricacies of the JURY+ Next Generation database
- External applications are spared from changes to the JURY+ Next Generation database
- The integrity of your data is protected

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Important Features:

These are just some of the many external applications JURY+ Access is designed to accommodate:
- Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
- Interactive Web Response (IWR)
- Interactive touch-based Kiosk Response (IKR)
- Interactive Imaging Response (IIR)

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