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JURY+ Next Generation

Prefer a Windows-based jury system for your court? Try JURY+ Next Generation; it's been the most reliable and flexible JMS on the market for almost two decades.

In our line of work we realize every court is different, which is why we offer various solutions for our clients.  Business rules, county/state laws, population, and geography are just a small number of factors to consider when implementing a new jury system.  Based on your needs, JURY+ Next Generation (NextGen) may be a worthy option for your jury operation.

 JURY+ Next Generation has the same features as our browser-based JMS, JURY+ Web Generation (WebGen), and a very similar layout.  This makes it extremely simple for clients to use either or both as needed.  For example, if your juridiction covers a large region, some locations may fare better from the use of NextGen at certain locations and WebGen at others.  We are the only company who can offer both JURY+ Solutions to work parallel to one another while updating in real time.


Key Benefits:

- Processes juror source lists and groups
- Handles 2-step and 1-step business rules
- Sends questionnaires and summonses
- Forms jury panels
- Records juror service and basic case information
- Maintains juror information, history and statistics
- Provides automatic payroll processing
- Computes and maintains case juror costs
- Produces jury management reports and notes
- Manages systems, user security, and much more

Important Features:

- Uses a graphical user interface (GUI) and relational database (RDBMS)
- Interfaces with advanced technologies
- Adapts to any user environment 
- Supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases

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Why Choose JURY+ Next Generation

A court’s technical infrastructure makes up a large component in determining which Jury Systems JMS is a feasible option for each client.  For this reason, JURY+ Next Generation will still be available for purchase, undoubtedly supported, and given the same upgrades as WebGen.  Our goal is to make sure the courts have the best tools available to accomplish their tasks in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

"As a JURY+ Next Generation court, we find both the jury application and associated interactive website (JURY+ Web Solution) to be of tremendous value.  We implemented in July 2007 and find that the usage has far surpassed our expectations.  Feedback from court staff and our public show that the website is easy to use and extremely beneficial.  Thank you JSI!" 

Tim Benton Information Technology Director
Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo