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Data Services

After initially installing jurors into your JURY+ Web Generation database, Jury Systems must then periodically process and reload a Juror Master File into your system. We offer two maintenance plans covering this service, whose costs are based on the number of records processed.

+2 JURY+ Services

Under the +2 maintenance plan, Jury Systems will process and load the Juror Master File of potential jurors into your JURY+ system database, usually on an annual basis.

Select prospective jurors are suppressed/eliminated according to the criteria you specify. For example, you might want to exempt certain jurors that have already served, or permanently excuse others due to personal circumstances.

+3 JURY+ Services

+3 maintenance includes all services provided under +2 maintenance plus:

Jury Systems will perform a merge/purge of your source list according to the criteria you give us, eliminating duplicates and performing data correction where possible.

We can also handle requests that require only certain numbers of jurors to be loaded per summoning district (based on ZIP Code).

Rest assured that, whichever maintenance plan you pick, Jury Systems uses sophisticated tools and the utmost in security when handling your data. We also work hard to ensure your files are delivered promptly.

In addition to the our +2 and +3 Maintenance Services, we also offer:

National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing

To boost summons/questionnaire deliverability and reduce reprocessing time, Jury Systems can correct address information and (when applicable) standardize the ZIP Code of all subjects in your Juror Master File through NCOA processing. This service is outsourced.

ZIP Code Standardization

If you don't want your Juror Master File to undergo National Change of Address (NCOA) processing, Jury Systems can still improve summons/questionnaire deliverability through ZIP Code standardization alone. This service is outsourced.

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