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JURY+ Express Check-In

Save serious time. Plus, keep yourself and your staff on task.

The JURY+ Express Check-In module provides the same functionality as the client-based process within JURY+ Web Generation, but runs on any Windows-based device so jurors can check in themselves, wherever the application is installed.

We have two types of enclosures available to encase your tablets- countertop and standalone versions.  This way, you won't have look at those big clunky kiosks in your courthouse.  Go with a clean and streamlined approach to enhance your jury room's aesthetic and save on space!  These enclosures come with everything you'll need for jurors to check in and can be ready to use on the same day as delivery.

Key Benefits:

- Frees you and your staff to focus on other critical tasks
- Speeds juror processing and management
- Helps create a better juror experience 


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Important Features:

- Records pool or case attendance

- Allows or denies jurors based on various criteria

- Facilitates optional juror mileage entry 

- Runs on any computer with a web browser

- Can be used in juror or user mode

- Portable or stationary depending on your needs 

 -Flexible features to work for your Court

"The Fresno County Superior Court has been using Jury Systems Incorporated since 2000 and everything they do - from training to support to enhancing their product on a continual basis, is excellent.  JSI staff could write the book on customer service AND they have a top notch product and staff to match.  Knowing that JSI is there to help us through any crisis and always in a calm and helpful manner, is truly comforting.  I feel I can say without reservation that JSI is the best!"

Sherry Spears Jury Services Supervisor
Superior Court, County of Fresno, CA